How to Watch Disney Plus on Xbox 360

How to Watch Disney Plus on Xbox 360

Disney+ is continuing to gain in popularity and recognition, thanks to its huge collection of movies/TV shows. And of course, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 home video game console needs no introduction. A large number of Xbox 360 owners express interest in Disney Plus.

Wondering how to get Disney Plus on Xbox 360 to stream shows like “The Mandalorian”, “She Hulk”, and “Moon Knight”? Jump straight to the instructions and enjoy watching the newest films, TV shows, original series, old movies, and shows with new episodes!

If you’re located outside the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Puerto Rico, or Chile, you may have to dive into some more technicalities for watching Disney Plus on Xbox 360. Nevertheless, we’ve got you covered for both instances!

How to Download Disney Plus on Xbox 360?

Along with the finest games to ever exist, you can enjoy 4K video streaming entertainment on Disney Plus if you just have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Follow the steps below to download the Disney Plus application on your Xbox 360!

  1. Log in after activating your Xbox 360 console.
  2. Click the Home button on your Xbox 360 controller. 
  3. Click the Y button or the store option to visit the store.
  4. Search for “Disney Plus” from the list of applications.
  5. Choose Disney Plus from the list with the help of your Xbox controller.
  6. Click the A button to start downloading when the Disney Plus info page opens.
  7. Wait till the download process ends. This will take a few seconds.
  8. Press the middle button on your controller to open the Disney+ app. 
  9. Sign in to your Disney Plus account!

How to Watch Disney Plus on Xbox 360 Outside USA?

Disney+ on Xbox requires a VPN, and sadly, Xbox does not come with a built-in VPN app. As a result, you’ll need to set up a smart DNS. We recommend ExpressVPN and their MediaStreamer DNS feature for all streamers of Xbox 360!

  1. Launch your Xbox 360 gaming console. 
  2. Head to “Settings” from the main menu.
  3. Choose Network > Settings > Network settings.
  4. Navigate to Advanced settings > DNS settings > Manual > Manual to configure the DNS addresses.
  5. Look for the IP addresses of DNS servers via your ExpressVPN account.
  6. Enter the primary and secondary IP addresses. 
  7. The DNS addresses are now operational.
  8. Visit “Settings” to set your location to the USA. 
  9. Go to Systems > Language & location > United States.
  10. Select the “Restart now” option and wait for a few seconds.
  11. Open the Disney Plus app and log in to your account!
Watch Disney+ with ExpressVPN$6.67/mo for 1-Year + 3-Months

Why Do You Need a VPN for Disney Plus on Xbox 360?

Disney Plus is only available for streaming in a select few countries due to the geo-restrictions that apply to it. This is where the use of a reliable VPN comes in. Following the installation of a VPN, you can select the location of your preferred server and begin streaming Disney Plus.

What’s more, a VPN shields you from online threats like phishing and DoS (Denial of Service), malware, and cyber malicious attacks. As streaming platforms are the ones most vulnerable to online hazards, it also hides your IP address and online identity.

Bear in mind that Microsoft’s Xbox Live is a program that supports online multiplayer gaming and gives users access to a number of streaming sites, updates, and system apps. Further, you must sign up for Xbox Live.

Best VPNs for Disney Plus on Xbox 360 Outside USA

We tested more than fifty VPN services in order to identify the top Disney Plus VPN. Based on their bandwidth, the number of servers, and price, here are the top three VPNs for accessing Disney Plus on Xbox 360 from anywhere in the world!

1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Disney Plus on Xbox 360

Total Servers: 3,000+ | Countries: 94+ | American Servers: 23+ in 14+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.7 | Simultaneous Connections: 5

In 2011, ExpressVPN was founded in the British Virgin Islands. With more than 3,000 servers spread over 90+ countries, it is a very fast and secure VPN service that enables you to easily get around Disney+’s geo-restrictions and content restrictions.

We received astonishing download and upload speeds of 92.48Mbps and 90.08Mbps after testing the VPN on a 100Mbps connection. By doing this, you can be confident that your time on Disney Plus will be seamless and buffer-free.

ExpressVPN Server Testing

You have access to programs for many different platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and others, and you can connect five devices at once. Best of all, a yearly plan as low as $6.67/month is offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Verdict: ExpressVPN is a fantastic option for people who wish to unblock Disney+ because of its new Lightway protocol, which offers the best speed and security. Choose one of the following servers to get the quickest download and streaming speeds on Discovery+.

ExpressVPN Disney Plus Testing on Xbox 360

ExpressVPN’s powerful RAM architecture servers provide excellent Disney+ compatibility. Recommended choices: New Jersey-3, Washington DC, New York.

ExpressVPN to Unblock Disney Plus on Xbox 360
  1. 5 Simultaneous Connections
  2. Verified "No-Logs" Policy
  3. 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  4. Headquartered in BVI
  5. 3,000+ Servers in 90+ Countries
  6. Split Tunneling/Network Kill Switch
  1. No Free Trial Available

2. Surfshark: Affordable VPN to Watch Disney Plus on Xbox 360

Total Servers: 3,200+ | Countries: 90+ | American Servers: 500+ in 20+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.3 | Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited

The British Virgin Islands-based company Surfshark made its debut in 2018. It is simple to get around geo-restrictions thanks to its 3,200+ servers in 65+ countries and the widely utilized WireGuard protocol. It is a budget-friendly supplier that works flawlessly with Disney Plus. 

The VPN performed admirably when run over a 100 Mbps connection, achieving download and upload speeds of 85.50 Mbps and 86.92 Mbps, respectively. Suffice to say, you won’t experience lags while watching top-quality content on Disney Plus.

Surfshark Server Testing

Surfshark allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices with only one subscription, unlike the majority of VPNs in the market. On iOS and Android, there is a 7-day free trial period, and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

Verdict: Surfshark provides a list of dedicated servers that use obfuscation technology to unblock Disney Plus and other streaming services by disguising VPN traffic as HTTPS. Here are some servers that we suggest for best performance.

Surfshark Disney Plus Testing on Xbox 360

The US servers of Surfshark perform flawlessly and swiftly for 4k streaming on Disney Plus.  Recommended choices: Los Angeles, Latham, Miami, Boston, & Detroit.

Surfshark to Unblock Disney Plus on Xbox 360
  1. Unlimited Simultaneous Logins
  2. No-Logs Policy Audited by Cure53
  3. 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee
  4. 7-Day Free Trial on iOS/Android
  5. 3,200+ Servers in 60+ Countries
  6. Headquartered in BVI
  1. No Split Tunneling on iOS

3. NordVPN: Fastest VPN to Watch Disney Plus on Xbox 360

Total Servers: 5,400+ | Countries: 60+ | American Servers: 1,970+ in 15+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.5 | Simultaneous Connections: 6

NordVPN, established in 2012, has its headquarters in Panama. Customers get access to more than 5,200 servers in more than 60 locations across the world thanks to the VPN, which enjoys a strong reputation in the industry.

Testing the VPN on a 100Mbps connection yielded impressive download and upload speeds of 89.14Mbps and 90.56Mbps, respectively. NordVPN has the fastest connection times to Disney Plus and is free of WebRTC, DNS, and IP address leaks.

NordVPN Server Testing

Due to the fact that this service has passed two PwC Switzerland audits, all of your data is secure with them. For streamers, being able to accommodate six simultaneous connections at once is a major bonus. Even better, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Verdict: NordVPN offers a list of obfuscated servers for unblocking geo-restricted content on services like Disney Plus. For the fastest streaming on Disney+, use the servers listed below:

NordVPN Disney Plus Testing on Xbox 360

Due to their excellent performance, NordVPN’s American servers make it simple to unblock Disney Plus. Recommended choices: #3097, #2497, #3288, #3325.

NordVPN to Unblock Disney Plus on Xbox 360
  1. 6 Simultaneous Connections
  2. Audited by PwC Switzerland
  3. 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  4. Headquartered in Panama
  5. 5,000+ Servers in 60+ Countries
  6. Split Tunneling/Network Kill Switch
  1. Downtime issues on some servers

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch Disney Plus on Xbox 360?

While it’s true that a free VPN can be used to unblock Disney Plus, here’s a peek behind the curtain of the dark side of using these inefficient VPNs. Free VPNs lack privacy and security protections, making your data and IP address publicly available online.

Most times, Disney Plus will ban you as soon as it learns of and is aware of your current location- which it will be soon enough. You’ll also lose access to your membership and the Disney Plus library.

Free VPNs use poor-quality encryption methods and sell customers’ data, which results in major security issues. Thus, you’ll be deluged with pesky pop-ups and ads since they profit from them. Therefore, we advise you to choose a premium VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, that safeguards your online privacy.

How Do I Sign Up for Disney Plus on Xbox 360

There are two ways for non-Americans to register for Disney Plus on Xbox 360. Keep in mind that you would need to first finish the payment process using a desktop computer or an internet browser on your phone or tablet. 

1. Pay for Disney Plus on Xbox 360 via StatesPay

StatesPay is a service that enables users located outside the United States to generate a virtual credit card based in the United States for the purpose of making payments for online services such as Disney plus, Hulu, iTunes, and more.

It is important to note that you will only be charged a one-time cost for the creation of your card. Top it up on a monthly basis to keep your Disney+ subscription active. 

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a VPN server in the USA
  3. Go to the StatesPay official website and sign up
  4. Top up your StatesPay wallet.
  5. Visit the Disney+ website. 
  6. Scroll down to get the plan that looks best. 
  7. Fill out the account details and credentials.
  8. Hit “Continue” and add your payment method (StatesPay)
  9. Enter an American Zip code and get Disney Plus on Xbox 360!

2. Pay for Disney Plus on Xbox 360 via StatesCard

You can also use a virtual prepaid card service like StatesCard. If you’re outside the United States and want to use a virtual prepaid card to subscribe to Disney+, you’ll need a VPN and a US IP address. In the following steps, we will utilize StatesCard as an example.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a VPN server in the USA
  3. Sign up on StatesCard by providing all necessary information.
  4. Check your email and verify your EntroPay account. 
  5. Top up your StatesCard with a valid payment method like PayPal. 
  6. Visit the Disney+ website and choose the plan that calls out to you.
  7. Fill out the account details and credentials.
  8. Hit “Continue” and add your payment method (StatesCard)
  9. Enter an American Zip code and get Disney Plus on Xbox 360!

Best Movies and Shows to Watch on Disney Plus Xbox 360

If it’s the comedy you love, horror, or have a profound interest in sci-fi and mysteries- Disney Plus has got it all. So take a pitstop at one of the best entertainment forum out there and discover its latest, most original content. 

TV Shows 

  • Light & Magic (2022)
  • Super/Natural (2022– )
  • Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory (2022– )
  • Summer Time Rendering (2022– )
  • Loki (2021– )
  • Tatami Time Machine Blues (2022– )
  • America the Beautiful (2022– )
  • Love, Victor (2020–2022)


  • Avengers: Endgame (2019) 
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019) 
  • Torn (2021)
  • The Greatest Showman (2017) 
  • Cruella (2021)
  • West Side Story (2021)
  • Eternals (2021) 
  • Jungle Cruise (2021)

How Do I Update Disney Plus on Xbox 360?

Start by restarting your Xbox: A number of technical problems may be resolved by restarting your Xbox. But be sure the restart is done appropriately. Hold down the “Home” button on your joystick while restarting the TV by selecting the appropriate option from the TV’s menu.

The Xbox power button can also be held down for 5 to 10 seconds (on the console itself). Then switch it back on. Then, reinstall the Disney Plus app. Launch the Disney Plus app on your Xbox. After that, hold down the “Menu” button on your controller and remove the app!

How to Watch Disney Plus on Xbox 360: FAQs

When it comes to watching Disney Plus on Xbox 360, you may come across some concerns. Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

Check the condition of the Disney Plus server, lower the streaming video quality, verify your internet speed, reset your WiFi network, remove any spyware, check for system updates, and attempt upgrading or reinstalling Disney Plus on your Xbox 360 if you can’t find Disney Plus.

If your Xbox 360 is experiencing problems downloading the Disney Plus app, try verifying the device’s storage capacity, force closing the Disney+ app and reopening it, and shutting off and restarting your Xbox 360.

You can get Disney Plus Live TV on Xbox 360 by signing up for the live TV bundle. So, when you are finally watching Disney Plus on your Xbox 360 you can always skip to the Live TV channel.

Follow these steps to log out of Disney Plus on Xbox 360:

  1. Visit
  2. Hover over your profile avatar on the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. Click Log Out.

You will need a subscription to Disney Plus and download the free app from the Microsoft Store on your Xbox in order to be able to enjoy Disney Plus content through your Xbox console. After that, all you need to do is sign in to begin streaming.

If you’re experiencing problems connecting to Disney+, you should start by going through these basic troubleshooting steps for Xbox:

  1. Check the download speed of the device you’re using.
  2. Turn off your mobile or Wi-Fi connection, wait 30 to 60 seconds, and then rejoin.
  3. Reestablishing contact is sometimes all that’s required.
  4. You should try resetting your wireless router.
  5. It’s a good idea to see if there are any new versions of the software you may download.
  6. Wipe your history and cache clean.
  7. Try logging out of Disney+ on all devices and back in, as well as closing and reopening the app.
  8. Reactivate your Disney+ subscription.
  9. Delete the app from your smartphone, then re-download it from the App Store.

A faulty HDMI connection or connector may prevent Disney Plus from being read by your TV. Shows often won’t run if any of these is broken. It’s possible that a broken HDMI cable might cause problems, or that a cable that isn’t HDCP-compliant would cause problems. Changing to a new HDMI cable is the simplest fix for both problems.

Wrapping Up

If we helped you hit the target or you’re still amiss and need further guidance, feel free to contact us. We’ll get back to you before you know it! Thanks for reading till the end, and have a wonderful time streaming!