How to Solve the Hulu Error Code P-dev320

How to Solve the Hulu Error Code P-dev320

Even after you’ve installed a VPN, paid for subscriptions, and selected the TV show/movie you want to watch, are you still getting the Hulu Error Code P-Dev320? We find that so unfair!

So, we did some research and came up with a few ways to fix problems that you could use for troubleshooting the P-Dev320 error code on Hulu:

Why Am I Getting an Error Code P-Dev320 on Hulu?

“We’re having trouble playing this. It may help if you turn off your device for a minute and then try again.” These few words are worse than hearing nails on a chalkboard. What if we tell you there’s a solution? For that, you first need to know what it indicates.

The Hulu Error Code p-dev320 signifies a miscommunication between the Hulu web player or your Hulu app and its main servers. Other reasons could be a non-updated Hulu app on your gadget, a weak network from your side, or even a bug from within Hulu’s perimeters.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-dev320

Regardless of the grounds, we now have a blueprint for you to follow perchance you encounter this issue. Here’s how you can fix the issue through easy steps. 

1. Check If Hulu Servers are Down

Before you bother doing anything, first see if there’s an outage at Hulu. You can do that by checking official forums like Twitter or searching for Hulu on 

If that’s the case, then the error message is likely to be appearing for all of the millions of Hulu subscribers worldwide. So wait until they solve the issue; it may only take just a few. 

2. Connect to a VPN Server

Oftentimes, Hulu may just be down in a particular state/town, due to some server issues. In such circumstances, it is advisable to subscribe to a VPN service and connect to a server in another state/city of the United States. This should rid you of any connectivity issues to Hulu.

We recommend subscribing to ExpressVPN, which offers 3,000+ servers in 90+ countries, among which 23+ servers are located in 14+ cities of the United States. Best part of all: you can take advantage of a risk-free, 30-day, money-back guarantee.

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3. Try Using Another Device 

Your device might be subject to poor internet connectivity or an outdated use of the Hulu app. So, if you’re using your phone to watch Hulu, switch on your iPad, smart TV, computer, or any device compatible with Hulu. 

4. Update Your Hulu App 

Update your Hulu app, as an older version might mainly be the reason for the frequent, unwanted visits of the error code P-dev320. Stay conscious of the release notes Hulu publishes regarding the newest updates. 

First, select your platform from the list to see if your app is updated. Then, check the latest version of the app that should be installed on your device. If the current version is lower than that, know that your version is, in fact, outdated.

5. Delete Your Data and Cache

Say you have the latest version of the app, but you still see the error code P-dev320 appearing on your device. Not to fret, though; we know what might be wrong. 

You might have corrupt data on your device. So, you might want to try clearing the app cache as well as the local data on your device. Here’s what you need to do for all the different devices, respectively. 

5.1. Clear Cache and Data on Android

  1. Open Settings”.
  2. Go to “Apps”.
  3. Choose “Storage and Cache” .
  4. Press the Clear Cache” button.
  5. Press the “Clear Data”.
1. Clear Cache and Data on Android

5.2. Clear Cache and Data on iOS

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to “General
  3. Select Storage
  4. Tap on “Hulu
  5. Delete the app
  6. Reinstall the app. 
Clear Cache and Data on iOS

5.3. Clear Cache and Data on Fire TV

  1. Open the “Settings” menu.
  2. Go to “Applications”.
  3. Select Managed Installed Applications”.
Clear Cache and Data on Fire TV (1)
  1. Choose Hulu” from the list of apps. 
  2. Tap on the “Clear Cache” button
  3. Tap on the “Clear Data” button. 
Clear Cache and Data on Fire TV (2)

6. Try Other Streaming Sites 

Check streaming services to see if they too are giving the same error. For example, check out Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Voot. If the problem persists, that’s you’re que for either updating your device, restarting it, or fixing a concealed connectivity issue. 

7. Inspect Your Internet connection

If you have any other streaming apps on your phone, see if they’re working fine, or are they too showing the same error? If they are, know that you have a problem with your internet connection.

8. Use Hulu on Another Internet Connection

If Hulu starts working on the other connection, that’s enough evidence the previous one is experiencing issues. If you can, try a mobile internet connection.

9. Audit the Speed of Your internet. 

Hulu has several internet speed requisites on which a video can be streamed. If it’s a rate below the recommended, chances are the video won’t play at all. Instead, you will read the error message. So, check your internet speed from your ISP and decide if your current internet is consistent enough to walk by your side. 

10. Reset LAN and Restart Your Computer

A lot of connectivity issues can be resolved once you restart your device and reset your local network hardware. You can reset your local area network through these steps:

  1. Navigate to “Settings”.
Reset LAN and Restart Your Computer (1)
  1. Go to Network and Connection”.
Reset LAN and Restart Your Computer (2)
  1. Tap on “Network Reset
Reset LAN and Restart Your Computer (2)
  1. Tap on “Reset Now
Reset LAN and Restart Your Computer (4)
  1. Tap Yes and then immediately restart your computer.

After your computer has started again, connect to a network again. If need be, type in the password again. We reckon if still, Hulu doesn’t work as you accomplish all the stated procedures, it’s not you; it’s probably Hulu. And most certainly, they’re working on it. You can contact customer support if you like, though. 

Hulu Error Code P-dev320 on Different Devices 

Every device has a mind of its own. That is why we leave none unattended. So if you have a Roku, Apple TV, iOS, or Xbox One- we have a solution for all of you! Read on to learn how to get rid of the Hulu Error Code P-Dev320 from your specific device.

Hulu Error Code P-dev320 Solutions for Roku Users

Here are four steps for fixing each problem on your device. Come on now, follow along! 

1. Clear All Cache 

Navigate to the main menu, and use your Roku remote in the following manner. 

  1. Press the Home button five times and then press up 
  2. Press rewind and forward two times, respectively. 
  3. You’ll just have to wait for 20 to 30 minutes till the cache is deleted.  
  4. In the end, restart the device. 

2. Inspect Roku TV’s Firmware

Make sure whether Hulu supports Roku TV or not. First, check if your Roku TV has a firmware of 8.1 or higher. If that is so, only then will it support the latest version of Hulu; otherwise, it may show the error code P-dev320. Follow these simple steps to upgrade your Roku TV. 

  1. Navigate to “Settings”, and tap on “System
Inspect Roku TV’s Firmware (1)
  1. Tap on “About” and see your Roku TV’s model number. 
Inspect Roku TV’s Firmware (2)
  1. Go back to “System” and click on “System Upgrade”, if there’s a need for an update.
Inspect Roku TV’s Firmware (3)
  1. Click on “Continue”.
Inspect Roku TV’s Firmware (4)
  1. After the update is installed, and it may take a while for that to happen, the system will restart automatically.
Inspect Roku TV’s Firmware (5)

3. App Reset

Here’s how you can reset the Hulu app on Roku TV in just a few minutes. 

  1. Go to the “Main Menu and move your cursor to the Hulu application to highlight it. 
App Reset (1)
  1. Press the star button (*) on the remote. 
App Reset (2)
  1. After that, select “Remove Channel” and power cycle your Roku device by switching off the router, modem, and your TV as well. 
  2. Turn them back on and see if there is a persisting issue or not. 

4. Hard Reset 

  1. Unplug your Roku TV.
Hard Reset (1)
  1. Wait for 60 minutes, and plug it back in. 
Hard Reset (2)
  1. We reckon the error, by now, is fixed. If not, the last resort is always to contact Hulu Support. 

Hulu Error Code P-dev320 Solutions for the Apple TV Users

One way to fix the error code P-dev320 is to clear cookies and cache on Apple Tv. You can do that by uninstalling and reinstalling the Hulu application. Here’s how you demonstrate that: 

  1. Navigate to “Settings”.
Apple TV Solutions (1)
  1. Select “General” from the menu
Apple TV Solution (3)
  1. Go to “Manage Storage”.
Apple TV Solution (3)
  1. Choose Hulu” and press Delete”.
Apple TV Solution (4)
  1. Go to the “Apple Store” again. 
Apple TV Solution (5)
  1.  Search for “Hulu” and install the app again.
Apple TV Solution (6)

Hulu Error Code P-dev320 Fixes for Samsung TV Users

There are many ways to fix the error code P-dev320 is to clear cookies and cache on Samsung TVs. Follow the instructions below and see what works for you!

1. Perform a Power Cycle 

  1. Turn off your router, modem, and Samsung Tv. 
  2. Wait for a few minutes 
  3. Power them back up. 

2. Clear Data and Cache 

  1. Go to “Settings”.
Samsung TV Clear Cache and Data (1)
  1. Go up and then right to select “Device Care”.
Samsung TV Clear Cache and Data (2)
  1. Select Manage Storage”.
Samsung TV Clear Cache and Data (3)
  1. Choose Hulu”.
  2. Click on “Clear Cache“.
  3. Select Clear Data“.
  4. Hit the “Ok” button!
Samsung TV Clear Cache and Data (4)

3. Uninstall & Reinstall Hulu App

  1. On the Samsung TV remote, tap on the “Home” button. 
Samsung TV Reinstall Hulu App (1)
  1. Go to “Apps” and navigate to the “Settings” icon.
Samsung TV Reinstall Hulu App (2)
  1. Select the “Hulu” application.
Samsung TV Reinstall Hulu App (3)
  1. Select “Delete” and choose Delete” to confirm.
  2. Reinstall the Hulu app!

Hulu Error Code P-dev320 Solutions for PS4 Users

  1. On the home screen, scroll down to find the Hulu app.
Solution for PS4 Users (1)
  1. Navigate to options by selecting the menu button on your controller and select Delete 
Solution for PS4 Users (2)
  1. Select Delete
Solution for PS4 Users (3)
  1. Go to “Settings”.
34. Solution for PS4 Users (5)
  1. Select System Storage Management”.
  1. Click on “Saved Data”.
Solution for PS4 Users (6)
  1. Choose “Hulu” from the list of apps.
Solution for PS4 Users (7)
  1. Tap on “Delete
Solution for PS4 Users (8)
  1. Go to the home screen again and install Hulu again. 
Solution for PS4 Users (9)

The Hulu Error Code P-dev320: FAQs

When it comes to learning how to solve the Hulu Error Code P-dev320, you may come across a few concerns. Below we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

You can search on the app for help. However, if you need further assistance, you can interact with the Hulu community or directly with the assisted support by dialing 877-485-8411. You can also email if the issue can wait a day or two to be resolved.

Hulu Error Code P-dev302 can appear when there is a momentary communication issue between the Hulu server and the streaming device. Remove all devices linked to your Hulu account and re-add the one you’re presently using to fix the problem.

Hulu’s P-DEV322 problem can be fixed by logging out and then logging back in. Another alternative is to delete all of your data and cache and start from scratch. You can also remove and reinstall the app. Contact Hulu if it doesn’t work.

Final Thoughts 

We believe the devil is in the details. That is why we heed to every query with the utmost possible retrospection and anticipation of previous as well as successive issues. Be it any device, error code, or streaming site, we help you subdue all blockades.

So, now that you have mastered how to get past the Hulu Error Code P-dev320, you can enjoy error-free Hulu streaming all night long! Stay tuned for more updates because we always have new surprises!