How Much Does Hulu Cost?

How Much Does Hulu Cost?

Wondering how much does Hulu cost? We’ve got everything you need to know and more right here in this guide. So, get ready with a pair of scissors because you’re one step closer to cutting that basic cable from your premium streaming life! 

We know it’s hard to believe that America’s leading subscription streaming service, who’s not even close to falling short of subscribers, might we add, with 46.2 million paid subscribers, offers its exceedingly top-end service at such wallet-friendly rates.  

Well, it’s true; Hulu presents rather sweet deals starting from just $7/month. It completely replaces the need for cable, offering not just content-on-demand but also the best Live TV channels as you go further up the payment packages. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see for yourself

How much is Hulu?

There are four Hulu packages. However, in reality, there are only two types of streaming: streaming on-demand and streaming live TV. 

You have the choice to spend a little more to remove ads in each of those categories or save money by enduring them. This means that no matter what you’re looking for, a Hulu plan will undoubtedly meet your budget.

Rest assured, using Hulu to replace your cable subscription would unquestionably result in cost savings for you. Because while Hulu + Live TV costs only $70 a month, most of the big cable providers’ price range average accounts for over $100. 

For a better understanding of the plans and pricing, take a look at the summarized table form: 

HuluHulu (No Ads)Hulu Basic + Live TVHulu (No Ads) + Live TV
Price /month$7$13$70$76
Number of screens2222
Access to Hulu’s on-demand library?
Access to 85+ live TV channels?
Add-ons available
Free trial length30 days30 days

Hulu Extras and Add-ons

Hulu has distinct plans drafted with each of its users in mind. This is to say, you can pay a little extra or spend a little less to get exactly what you want. 

Take a look at the chart inserted below to learn how you can stream your favorite sport or news channel along with satisfying your regular movie and tv show addiction by quick workarounds.   

Price / monthAvailable with HuluAvailable with Hulu (No Ads)Available with Hulu + Live TVAvailable with Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV
Spanish Add-on$5
Entertainment Add-on$8
Unlimited Screens$10.
HBO Max$15.

Hulu Deals and Promotions

Here are the recent deals and promotions you can avail by just visiting the Hulu website. No prolonging procedures or hard-to-get promo codes. It’s just that simple! Go ahead and try one out! 

  1. Over 70% off the standard monthly pricing cost (currently $1.99) for Hulu for students.
  2. Free 30-day trial period for new streaming subscribers
  3. Limited Period: 3 months of Hulu + Live TV for $20 less
  4. Get thousands of movies and TV series for just $6.99/month.
  5. $12.99/month for a membership with no ads
  6. $69.99 per month for Hulu + Live TV
  7. $69.99 for an annual subscription (save over 15%)
  8. Bundles of Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN for 36% less per month ($13.99)
  9. For $69.99 per month, get Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, and Live TV
  10. For the first two months, receive $10 off the Showtime add-on.
  11. For just $69.99 a month, watch live sports with this Hulu package.
  12. Original television and film on Showtime for $10.99.
  13. For $69.99 per month, get live news channels included in your plan.
  14. Kids’ TV series and movies start at just $6.99.
  15. Live TV members have access to unlimited DVR for up to nine months.
  16. For $14.99/mo, you can add HBO Max to your subscription.
  17. Cinemax offers a 7-day free trial only on Hulu.
  18. Get STARZ for $8.99 per month after your first week of free streaming.
  19. Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ with no ads for $19.99 per month.
  20. Avail a 7-day free Showtime trial.
  21. Free cancellation at any time.
  22. 100s of movies with the Cinemax add-on for $9.99 per month.
  23. Plans for premium streaming start at $6.99, saving 16% on the purchase of an annual membership.
  24. Get a free 2-week trial after signing up. 

Hulu Live TV Channels

With Hulu + Live TV, you gain access to local news and sports channels in many cities worldwide. All you must do is visit the Hulu website and enter your zip code to see exactly which local channels you’ll have access to watch.

For users who wish to completely replace their current cable service, and rightfully so, Hulu’s local channels live-streaming is one of Hulu’s biggest selling advantages.

Here are just some of the channels that the Hulu Live TV subscription includes: 

ABC (local affiliate)BravoCNNFood NetworkOlympic ChannelLifetime
ABC News LiveCBS (local affiliate)Disney ChannelFOX (local affiliate)Universal KidsNat Geo Wild
ACCN ESPNCBSNESPNParamount NetworkGolf ChannelMTV
Adult SwimAnimal PlanetCBS Sports NetworkCNN InternationalFOX BusinessNational GeographicNewsNation
Big Ten Network (BTN)Cheddar NewsCozi TVNASA TVNBC (local affiliate)Freeform
Bloomberg TelevisionCMTDiscovery ChannelNBC Sports NetworkNFL NetworkInvestigation Discovery
StartTVHistory ChannelPopTBSSEC NetworkTelemundo
USA NetworkTurner Classic Movies (TCM)Smithsonian ChannelMotorTrendTV LandThe CW

How do Hulu prices compare to Netflix?

Comparing Hulu and Netflix over pricing is something to talk about. Where Hulu gives you two HD streams for $6.99, Netflix’s lowest package gives you just one- that too for $9.99. Two dollars extra for a screen too less? No thanks! 

To get Hulu’s basic subscription features, you would need to get Netflix’s $15.49 Standard plan. 

Monthly Cost* (US Dollar)$9.99$15.49$19.99
Simultaneous Screens124
Number of Devices to Downloads Titles On124
Unlimited content and mobile games
HD quality available
Ultra HD quality available

Yes, Hulu is lagging behind Netflix in terms of content production; the latter has just under 4,000 films to Hulu’s roughly 2,500. However, Netflix doesn’t even try to compete with Hulu’s robust lineup of Live TV channels, which now includes the NFL Network, when it comes to live streaming.

How do Hulu prices compare to Amazon Prime Video?

You have to pay $14.99 per month for an Amazon Prime membership or $139 upfront if you choose to pay an annual price. Compared to Hulu’s $6.99, Amazon lets you stream to a maximum of three devices- but at a much higher cost.

If you’re a student, there are even more reasons to sign up for Amazon Prime. They can access Amazon Prime Video and its library of more than 13,000 movies and TV shows, as well as limitless music and more, for just $7.49 per month with an annual subscription—and that’s after receiving a whopping six months for free! 

On the other hand, Hulu is attempting to win over the student population as well, and anyone over 18 who are enrolled full-time in school can subscribe to ad-supported Hulu for the absurdly cheap price of $1.99 per month.

Elephant in the room, what of the Live TV? Amazon, too, offers TV, but it can only be added one at a time to your account. Their prices range from $0.99to $28.99 at max. However, Hulu with Live TV might be your best option if you prefer things to stay within the budget.

Prime StudentPrime Video StandaloneAmazon Prime Membership
Monthly price$7.49$8.99$14.99
Number of channels100+100+100+
Simultaneous Screens 333
Popular channelsParamount+, HBO, SHOWTIMEParamount+, HBO, SHOWTIMEParamount+, HBO, SHOWTIME

How do Hulu prices compare to Disney Plus?

Hulu, which is owned by Disney, now includes Disney Plus in its Hulu + Live TV package. Disney Plus, on the other hand, offers a vast collection of Walt Disney content, both new and old, as well as feature-length and short films from Pixar. 

While Disney Plus is geared at families and offers no content that is rated higher than PG-13, Hulu has a wider audience and more adult content. If you are an international user, however, the Star on Disney Plus hub will provide you access to TV-MA and R Rated films. 

If you’re not a fan of Marvel, Star Wars, or animated films, US viewers may find it to be somewhat more expensive than Hulu’s basic subscription. 

Furthermore, the Disney Plus plan includes a tempting combination of Hulu and ESPN Plus. For the plan that includes ad-supported Hulu, this bundle costs $13.99 per month. However, if you choose Hulu + Live TV, you may add the entire package for just $69.99. 

So, whichever option you select, doing it this way will save you a tonne of money compared to signing up for each platform separately.

Disney Plus planCurrent pricePrice starting December 8
Disney Plus ad-free $8/month$11/month
Disney Plus ad-free $80/year$110/year
Disney Plus (ads) and Hulu (ads)N/A$10/month
Disney Plus (ads), Hulu (ads), and ESPN+N/A$13/month

How do Hulu deals compare to HBO Max?

HBO Max, a streaming service from WarnerMedia, gives subscribers access to high-caliber movies and TV shows. We mean, have you heard of Euphoria? Sex and the City? Game of Thrones? 

Oh, and being a Warner firm, they have access to the Warner Brothers library as well. Meaning, you see more of DC Universe along with the exclusive episode of Friends, The Big Bang Theory. Studio Ghibli, and even stream Cartoon Network.

It’s a case of quality and quantity, which justifies the rather hefty monthly price tag, with an outstanding collection of over 3,000 film and TV titles. The cost of the “With Ads” plan is $9.99, while the “Ad-Free” option, which includes 4K HDR streaming on some titles and the opportunity to download content to view offline, costs $14.99. Both allow for simultaneous streaming to three devices and the creation of five unique user profiles.

If you ask us, we love HBO Max irrevocably and Hulu endlessly. And so, we choose to subscribe to the Premium add-on option via Hulu, which costs us $14.99. What must your pick be? We’re eager to know! 

Subscription Package Ad-supported HBO Max Standard ad-free HBO Max
Monthly Cost $9.99/month$14.99/month
Annual Cost $99.99/year$149.99/year

How Much Does Hulu Cost: FAQs

Still don’t get it? It’s just buyer confusion. Here’s what the smart ones, much like yourself, asked most frequently. 

The cost of the basic Hulu plan has increased from $6.99 per month with ads to $7.99 per month with ads and $12.99 per month without ads. A Hulu with ads annual subscription will cost $79.99.

The $5.99 Hulu starting package includes limited commercials and full, on-demand access to the complete Hulu library. You will also receive the ability to simultaneously stream tv classics and films on two devices.

When Hulu was first launched, all of its content was available for free and had fewer ads. Then, Hulu introduced Hulu Plus, its first subscription program, giving users access to a considerably greater selection of media with even less ads.

Hulu does not include Amazon Prime. To access the selection of movies and television shows available on demand, you must purchase Hulu individually. Despite being a top-notch service, Amazon Prime does not provide packages with any streaming service.

Last Word 

Past knowing how much is Hulu and onto the most awaited step to finally watching it? Kudos to you! However, if you still face trouble understanding Hulu costing, we’re aptly listening. Leave your confusion till our comment section and have the addiction fix for a lifetime!