How to Watch Hulu Live TV on iPhone

How to Watch Hulu Live TV on iPhone

Banging your head against walls but still can’t figure out how to watch Hulu Live TV on iPhone? You can stop now because this article is the one you have been looking for. While you’re here, learn how to get, sign up for, and update the Hulu TV feature on your iPhone. 

Hulu, being the affordable alternative for cable, is the premium streaming service where you can watch 75+ Live TV channels and tons of top-tier TV shows, movies, and exclusive content in a sweet bundle you won’t find elsewhere- be it in the face of local or international news, national geographic, or sports channels including the UEFA game.

Sadly, however, Hulu discriminates in its regional content viewership. So, we bring the best Hulu VPNs to counter this injustice. We help every person on the planet, irrespective of their location, keep pace and watch the latest titles hitting the charts right now. So, stay in the loop and apply the workaround that we bring to your attention in this article. 

How Can I Get Hulu Live TV on iPhone?

Here’s how you can get Hulu Live TV on iPhone through the mobile app if you already have a Hulu subscription. 

  1. Open the Hulu app.
  2. Click “Live TV” on the home screen found in the screen’s upper left corner. It will display the channel’s live stream that you most recently saw. 
  3. Click the three-line icon in the lower-left corner of the player bar while the playback on the Hulu website. When playing back content on a mobile app, flip your smartphone vertically or press the full-screen exit button.
  4. Choose the Live TV channel you wish to see, which will then load on Hulu.
  5. Stream Hulu Live TV on iPhone.

Here’s for the Hulu beginners subscribing to Hulu Live TV for the first time: 

  1. Click here to sign up for Hulu Live TV directly via its website. 
  2. Click here if you want to get a Live-TV-only plan or search for “Hulu Live TV” on your iPhone/iPad to install the Hulu Live TV app.
  3. Navigate to from your browser. 
  4. Tap “Start Your Free Trial” and tap “Select” for the Live TV-only plan.
  5. Provide your personal details in the Create Your Account section.
  6. Hit “Continue.”
  7. Enter your payment details.
  8. Click Submit.

If you want to switch your Hulu subscription from basic to bundle. imitate the following steps and get Hulu + Live TV or Hulu + Live TV.

  1. Go to Hulu’s official website.
  2. Select  “Login.” This can be found in the window’s upper-right corner.
  3. Type in your login information. Either your Facebook login information or your Hulu username and password can be entered.
  4. Navigate to Settings. The circled button bearing your initials may be seen in the window’s upper right corner.
  5. Press Account.
  6. Click “Manage Plan” in the Your Subscription section after scrolling down. Your current plan and other options to choose from will be displayed.
  7. Switch on the toggle for the desired Hulu + Live TV package.
  8. To confirm, click Review Changes.

If you live outside the US and want to stream Hulu Live TV on your iPhone, here are some additional steps you need to be taking: 

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service. We always suggest ExpressVPN due to its high server count with streaming-optimized functions and matchless speeds.  
  2. Download and install the VPN app via Apple Store. Go to the Apple Store and search for ExpressVPN and press the “Get” option. 
  3. Open the VPN app and connect with a US server. We recommend using the New York server because of its lightning-fast speeds and unblocking efficiency. 
  4. Open the Hulu app or website.
  5. Sign up for a new Hulu account. If you’ve previously completed a step, skip this one.
  6. Use your credentials to log in. Pick a title and get ready to watch Hulu outside of the USA!

Bear in mind that to view Hulu, you must first register for ExpressVPN. A 30-day free trial is available; after the trial, you must pay US$6.99/mo without any further fees. Find out later in the tutorial about the other best VPNs to use for some quality Hulu streaming!

Watch Hulu with ExpressVPN$6.67/mo for 1-Year + 3-Months

Why Do You Need a VPN to Unblock Hulu Live TV on iPhone?

For no additional charge, Hulu + Live TV subscribers get access to Unlimited DVR, allowing them to record their favorite episodes and view them later on any compatible device. With Unlimited DVR, you may record several episodes at once, fast-forward through recorded material, and save Live TV recordings for up to nine months.

Live local networks, and several major cable TV channels are available on Hulu + Live TV. All of the on-demand material included with the standard Hulu bundle is accessible with the Hulu Live plan. More than 75 channels, including some of the renowned cable networks, including HGTV, MSNBC, Fox News, and Hallmark. 

Numerous other networks’ shows are featured on it, such as Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, FX, SyFy, PBS, Style, and Cartoon Network. However, Hulu is region-locked. So in order to watch it when traveling overseas, you will need the assistance of a Virtual Private Network, famously known as a VPN.

You need a VPN to get the greatest Hulu experience from wherever, but unfortunately, not all of them have the capacity to support Hulu. That’s why advise ExpressVPN to our favorite readers! 

The Best VPNs for Hulu Live TV on iPhone

These Hulu VPNs were chosen after considering more than fifty different service providers. On the basis of its technology, server count, features, and cost, each VPN service was thoroughly evaluated. Check out the top three VPNs for Hulu in 2022 that we have compiled for you below.

1. ExpressVPN: The Best VPN for Hulu Live TV on iPhone

Total Servers: 3,000+ | Countries: 94+ | American Servers: 23+ in 14+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.7 | Simultaneous Connections: 5

The best Hulu VPN to flawlessly circumvent the streaming service’s geo-restrictions is ExpressVPN, a British Virgin Islands-based business formed in 2011. There are almost 3,000 servers spread throughout 94+ countries, 23+ of which are situated in 14 American cities.

Despite being immune to Hulu’s VPN banning regulations, the service provider has maintained to offer Hulu reliable uptimes. This demonstrates the VPN’s dedication to its users and the advanced technology that equips it to handle its issues.

After testing the VPN on a 100Mbps connection, we discovered that the average download and upload speeds were 90.91Mbps and 93.36Mbps, respectively. Rest assured, get ready for nothing less than a promised smooth and buffer-free Hulu experience.

ExpressVPN Server Testing for Hulu Live TV on iPhone

ExpressVPN has apps for Android, smart TVs, PC, Macs, routers, and other devices if you enjoy streaming on a variety of platforms. It also lets your device quickly access banned material even if it doesn’t have a built-in VPN via a MediaStreamer DNS.

We promise that you won’t have any problem unblocking other streaming services like Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max, Netflix, and more, in addition to the fact that you may connect up to five devices simultaneously. Its annual plans start at only $6.67/month, which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN Hulu Testing 

According to our tests and regular discussion with the ExpressVPN support team, these servers may be used to unblock Hulu:

  • USA – New Jersey-3
  • USA – Washington DC
  • USA – New York
  1. 5 Simultaneous Connections
  2. Verified "No-Logs" Policy
  3. 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  4. Headquartered in BVI
  5. 3,000+ Servers in 90+ Countries
  6. Split Tunneling/Network Kill Switch
  1. No Free Trial Available

2. Surfshark: Affordable VPN for Hulu Live TV on iPhone

Total Servers: 3,200+ | Countries: 90+ | American Servers: 500+ in 20+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.3 | Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited

The British Virgin Islands headquarters of Surfshark was inaugurated in 2018. 3,200+ servers are presently spread over 65 or more countries, including more than 500 in 20 or more American locations, making it clear that Surfshark is the best affordable choice for circumventing Hulu’s geo-restrictions.

According to our tests, Surfshark was able to effectively unblock American material on four different servers; these are remarkable outcomes for one of the more economical VPNs.

Run over a 100 Mbps connection, it managed download and upload rates of 84.90 Mbps and 86.67 Mbps, respectively. This allows for incredibly fast speeds and minimal latency while streaming Hulu from anywhere in the world on your iPhone.

Surfshark Server Testing for Hulu Live TV on iPhone

The service provider provides its streaming buffs with an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. There is also a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 live chat assistance. Oh, and a 7-day free trial is also available, particularly for iOS and Android users.

Surfshark Hulu Testing 

According to our testing and conversations with the Surfshark support staff, the following servers may be utilized to easily get around Hulu’s library restrictions:

  • United States – Los Angeles
  • United States – Miami
  • United States – Boston
  • United States – Detroit
  1. Unlimited Simultaneous Logins
  2. No-Logs Policy Audited by Cure53
  3. 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee
  4. 7-Day Free Trial on iOS/Android
  5. 3,200+ Servers in 60+ Countries
  6. Headquartered in BVI
  1. No Split Tunneling on iOS

3. NordVPN: Fastest VPN for Hulu Live TV on iPhone

Total Servers: 5,400+ | Countries: 60+ | American Servers: 1,970+ in 15+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.5 | Simultaneous Connections: 6

A Hulu fan would love NordVPN, which was established in 2012 and is based in Panama. 5,200+ servers, 1,970+ of which would be found in 15+ American cities, are dispersed over 60+ countries.

We used a 100Mbps connection to test the VPN servers, and we saw average download and upload speeds of 89.89Mbps and 90.44Mbps. Additionally, NordVPN guarantees that there will be no DNS, WebRTC, or IP address leaks. Trust us, we’ve tested and verified this claim.

NordVPN Server Testing for Hulu Live TV on iPhone

Additionally, NordVPN made it simple for us to access Peacock TV, Voot, Discovery Plus, Eurosport, and Apple TV+. It permits a total of six devices to use its premium service simultaneously.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 7-day free trial for iOS and Android users, along with round-the-clock live chat support available if you need assistance at any moment.

NordVPN Hulu Testing

We conducted our own tests and validated which servers would be most useful with NordVPN’s customer support staff in order to get around Hulu’s library restrictions. The leading outcomes are shown below.

  • #5391
  • #5521
  • #8082
  • #5387
  • #5404
  1. 6 Simultaneous Connections
  2. Audited by PwC Switzerland
  3. 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  4. Headquartered in Panama
  5. 5,000+ Servers in 60+ Countries
  6. Split Tunneling/Network Kill Switch
  1. Downtime issues on some servers

Can I use a free VPN to watch Hulu Live TV on iPhone?

The only way to unblock Hulu is by using a premium VPN from the list above. However, it is possible you get fortunate and find a free VPN provider with a VPN server that accomplishes the task. 

But mostly free VPNs are blacklisted by a site like Hulu, and so they lack the capacity to alter the IP addresses and domains of their VPN servers. This is to say, you probably won’t find a free Hulu VPN that works its magic for too long.

And if they do, know that there’s something fishy because these free VPNs keep track of user web activity, mine the data, play ads, install tracking cookies in your browser, and then sell the data they unearth to marketing firms. 

Some people have even been caught sending consumers to erroneous websites in an effort to gain easy money.

Additionally, free VPN services frequently employ sluggish, overloaded servers. In fact, you can get disconnected in the midst of a show due to restricted bandwidth. So, expect a lot of buffering and service interruptions if you still choose to take that path. 

How Do I Sign Up for Hulu Live TV on iPhone

There are three options for international users to sign up for a Hulu account. Here are all of them explained; come take a look! 

Pay for Hulu Live TV via a Gift Card

You may subscribe to Hulu from outside the US by buying a verified gift card from GiftCardCabin or MyGiftCardSupply. Here we have substituted the MyGiftCardSupply, please follow the directions below.

  1. Subscribe to a consistent VPN service and connect to a US server. We suggest ExpressVPN’s New York server for the best Hulu Live TV experience.
  2. Go to MyGiftCardSupply > Shop > Hulu Cards. As you reach there, top up your wallet in accordance with the package of your desire, be it Hulu Basic + Live TV with or without ads. Also, include your payment details.
  3. Check your email for the gift card number. If you don’t seem to find it, make sure to check your spam folder. 
  4. Go to the “Redeem Gift Card” page on Hulu. Here, enter the gift card number you found in your email. 
  5. Choose Hulu Basic + Live TV or Hulu Basic (No Ads) + Live TV. Depending upon your budget and the amount you had added in step 4, get the annual or monthly subscription.
  6. Enter the US zip code (90210) to access Hulu Live TV on your iPhone.

Pay for Hulu Live TV via StatesPay (Virtual Credit Card)

Our top recommendation for buying Hulu outside of the US is StatesPay, which lets customers outside of the US get a US-based virtual credit card. This approach enables you to gain access to a number of geo-restricted services, such as Disney+, iTunes, and others.

It’s crucial to understand that you must top off your balance each month in order to maintain your Hulu membership.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service and connect to a US server. We suggest ExpressVPN’s New York server for the best Hulu Live TV experience.
  2. Visit StatesPay’s official website to sign up. There, top up your StatesPay wallet in regards to the type of Live TV bundle you choose, i.e., annual/monthly or ad/no-ad. 
  3. Open the Hulu website and press “Get the Disney Plus Bundle.” Find the green button at the center of the page. 
  4. Choose your Live TV bundle and enter your login credentials and account details. You’ll also need to enter a US ZIP code after you choose either the Ad-free or Ad-included Live TV bundle. 
  5. Click “Continue” to proceed.
  6. Use StatesPay Virtual Credit Card as your preferred payment method. After that’s done, you can freely watch Hulu Live TV on your iPhone and have a blast!

Pay for Hulu Live TV via StatesCard  (Virtual Credit Card)

Here’s how you can use StatesCard on your iPhone to view Hulu outside of the US. However, a VPN is still required if you first wish to get a US IP address. then carry out the rest of the procedure.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service and connect to a US server. We suggest ExpressVPN’s New York server for the best Hulu Live TV experience.
  2. Visit StatesPay’s official website to sign up. Create your account, add funds in the amount of the Live TV bundle of your choice via Paypal, and get your card.
  3. Check your email to verify yourStatesPay account. If you don’t seem to find the email that holds your StatesPay details, check your spam folder. 
  4. Open the Hulu website and press “Get the Disney Plus Bundle.” Find the green button at the center of the page. 
  5. Choose your Live TV bundle and enter your login credentials and account details. You’ll also need to enter a US ZIP code after you choose either the Ad-free or Ad-included Live TV bundle. 
  6. Tap “Continue” and proceed further to use your StatesPay Card in payment information. After that’s done, Hulu Live TV is only a US zip code away!

What Channels Can I Watch on iPhone via Hulu?

The best thing to do today is to replace your cable with Hulu. For $69.99 per month, get Hulu + Live TV, which now includes Disney+ and ESPN+. Along with 75+ live TV channels, you receive the finest movies, series, and sports with a no-hassle setup, no additional costs, and unlimited DVR.

Entertainment & Lifestyle Channels

Entertainment & Lifestyle Channels on Hulu

Live Local Channels

Live Local Channels on Hulu

Family & Kids Channels

Family & Kids Channels on Hulu

Movies Channels

Movies Channels on Hulu

News Channels

News Channels on Hulu

Sports Channels

Sports Channels on Hulu

Add-on Premium Channels

Hulu Add-on Premium Channels

Sports Add-on

Hulu Sports Add-on

Entertainment Add-on

Hulu Entertainment Add-on

Español Add-on

Hulu Español Add-on

How do I update Hulu Live TV on iPhone?

Visit the App Store and choose Updates to see if there are any Hulu updates available. Select Update next to our app to see if Hulu has any updates available.

How to Watch Hulu Live TV on iPhone: FAQs

We encourage curiosity! Continue reading to get the answers to the most frequently asked questions right now!

Make sure the program is running at its most recent version (some older versions will have trouble connecting to our new servers.) Also, ensure you’re using a premium VPN service. Connect with an efficient working server in the United States with a fast internet connection, and we bet you won’t have a problem streaming Hulu on iPhone. 

Here’s how you can watch Live TV on Hulu app:

  1. Go to the Hulu app.
  2. Click “Live TV” on its home screen and tap the three-line icon in the player bar’s lower-left corner while the playback.
  3. Pick a channel of your choice from the Live TV channel list.
  4. Watch Hulu Live TV on iPhone.

Here’s how you can stream Live TV on Hulu app:

  1. Launch the Hulu app.
  2. Press the thunderbolt icon at the foot of the page.  
  3. Tap a channel to start watching it. Or, swipe left to see what comes next on the channel.
  4. Hit the “All Channels” drop-down. 
  5. On the drop-down menu, choose “Recent Channels.”
  6. Selecting this option will filter the channel list to show just the channels you’ve recently seen.
  7. Now, watch Hulu Live TV on iPhone without worry! 

No. All you have to do is choose the subscription package that includes Live TV as you sign up and you’re good to go! 

In the basic Hulu plans, only the on-demand library is available, along with the many just-in episodes. However, in the Hulu + Live TV package, you can watch on-demand content and 60+ live channels simultaneously. Note that there is more on-demand entertainment as well as the feature to record shows on the Cloud DVR with Hulu + Live TV plan. 

Following are the devices that work with Hulu live TV:

  • Android phones and tablets
  • Android TV (select models)
  • Apple TV (4th generation or later)
  • Chromecast
  • Echo Show (8, 10, and 15)
  • Fire Tablets
  • Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • iPhones and iPads
  • LG TV (select models)
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Mac and PC browsers/apps
  • PlayStation*
  • Roku (select models)
  • Samsung TV (select models)
  • VIZIO SmartCast TVs
  • Xbox
  • Xfinity Flex Streaming TV Box
  • Xfinity X1 TV Boxes*
  • Contour 2 and Contour Stream Player*

Final Cut 

We’ve covered everything from how to sign up, use, and avail Hulu and the best Hulu VPNs on an iPhone. We hope this will provide you access to a limitless supply of DVR along with your favorite content on demand. Rest assured, Hulu also offers a number of enticing features and the option to purchase a variety of add-ons. Give them a try, and thank us later!