The Best Free Netflix VPNs That Still Work

The Best Free Netflix VPNs That Still Work

Possessing an impassable VPN-blocking technology, Netflix is restricted in many countries around the world. So, does this mean that the people in those regions can not ever get a taste of what it is to really “Netflix and chill”? 

Well, now they can by simply using a VPN service. In fact, they can even unlock libraries of other locations by just connecting to the server of that specific nation via a free VPN for Netflix. But for that, you need to have, again, a reliable VPN. 

One thing about VPNs, we tell you, is that they need to be handpicked with care-just any would not suffice. And to help you make that decision, we, as VPN specialists, have singled out the best VPN for Netflix that you can use. 

And that is, of course, ExpressVPN. But if you wouldn’t like to spend your precious dollars on something you love so dearly, we have another byway for you to take. 

Quick Summary of the Best Free Netflix VPNs

Not all, but some of the free VPNs actually really work. They won’t be as efficient as  ExpressVPN, per se, would be, but they can go a long way as well. So without further ado, let’s help you unite with them. 

  1. ExpressVPN: Unlimited data and high-speed servers that offer HD quality streaming accompanied by a 30 money-back guarantee. 
  2. ProtonVPN: Unlimited streaming data with three servers and unlocks an entire Netflix library for free. 
  3. Windscribe: Opening the gateway to 6 different libraries, it offers about 10GB of free data that you can connect from 10 different servers.
  4. TunnelBear: With over 2600 servers in 49 different locations, it allows you to avail 500 MB/ month of free data that works amazingly with 5+ Netflix libraries.
  5. Zenmate: Giving you access to the extensive German Netflix library with infinite bandwidth and four server locations. 

How to Unblock Netflix with a VPN for Free

You can hide your IP address and enter the Netflix realms now, anywhere in the world, by using a VPN. You can use it on your computer, tablet, smartphone, game console, or any streaming media player or device, including Roku, Firestick, and Chromecast. 

In fact, you can utilize these free VPN to change location for Netflix and stream media from any country’s Netflix repertoire via a few simple steps. 

Follow the instructions below to watch your favorite content on Netflix with a VPN right away.

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service. We vouch for ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to your desired server for the library you want to unblock.
  3. For example, connect with a US server if you want to access the US Netflix library. 
  4. Open the Netflix app or go to the Netflix website.
  5. Enjoy endless streaming! 
Watch Netflix with ExpressVPN$6.67/mo for 1-Year + 3-Months

Why Do You Need a Free VPN for Netflix?

You really don’t! We mean, if you don’t mind the speed, bandwidth, and server access limitations put on some serious safety threats, you can opt for a free VPN anytime.

Oh, and if by chance you seem to come across a free VPN that offers unrestricted plans, know that you’re running into a red flag. These service providers may track your activity, corrupt your device with malware, or worse, sell your information

They, without doubt, take your privacy concerns and security seriously, but there’s a catch to it, just like there is with every free thing in the world. The service providers want you to upgrade, so they stop at nothing to drive you to the point, including bombarding you with ads

While free VPNs have the capacity to unblock a limited catalog and data- upon testing, we saw that ExpressVPN unblocked over 20 Netflix libraries and offered unlimited data while it was at it. Bear in mind, though, that we’re not saying ExpressVPN is entirely free- we’re saying it can be (for a certain amount of time). 

After testing ExpressVPN, we came to the conclusion that you can use their risk-free, money-back guarantee for 30 days. Been there, done that, and it worked- even as we availed the money-back policy after just five days! 

Best Free VPNs for Netflix — Detailed Analysis

Not all promises are meant to be broken. Here we offer you a list of the most trusty free VPNs there are. Tested multiple times, we guarantee that the below-mentioned VPNs will work amazingly with Netflix.

1. ExpressVPN: 30-Day Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

Total Servers: 3,000+ | Countries: 94+ | US Servers: 23+ | Trustpilot Rating: 4.7 | Simultaneous Connections: 5

2011 witnessed the release of the ExpressVPN on the grounds of the British Virgin Islands. Owning over 3,000 servers in more than 90 countries, ExpressVPN is one of the fastest and most securest VPN services that allows you to confidently bypass Netflix geo-restrictions and content limitations.

On a 100Mbps connection, we tested ExpressVPN and got the upload and download speeds of 89.97Mbps and 86.51Mbps, in the same order. This attests to the fact that you, too, will have a fluid and uninterrupted Netflix experience.

ExpressVPN Free VPN for Netflix Testing

You can stream Netflix on many devices, including Android, smart TVs, Mac, PC, routers, and more, using the ExpressVPN app. Regardless of the device you use, the results will be the same as the MediaStreamer DNS unblocks blocked content for you, even if you don’t have a built-in VPN.

What’s more, you can have five concurrent devices without facing any buffering and bypasses the most popular sites like Disney Plus, Prime Video, HBO Max, and more. To top it all off, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to have a free ride. 

ExpressVPN Testing: Working Servers

Our internal testing and conversations with the ExpressVPN support team have shown that it is possible to unblock most libraries and streaming services. Listed below are some recommended servers for different regions:

Best ExpressVPN American Servers 

  • USA – New Jersey-3
  • USA – Washington DC
  • USA – New York

Best ExpressVPN United Kingdom Servers

  • UK – East London
  • UK – Wembley
  • UK – London

Best ExpressVPN Australian Servers

  • Australia – Sydney – 2
  • Australia – Melbourne
  • Australia – Perth

Best ExpressVPN Canadian Servers

  • Canada – Toronto
  • Canada – Toronto -2

Best ExpressVPN Japanese Servers

  • Japan – Tokyo – 2
  • Japan – Yokohama

2. ProtonVPN: Free VPN to Watch Netflix Without Data Caps 

Total Servers: 1,822 | Countries: 63 |  US Servers: 3 | Trustpilot Rating: 2.5 | Simultaneous Connections: 1

Based in Switzerland, ProtonVPN was founded in 2014. Today, it has in its domain an extensive sweep of 1,822 servers in 63 countries. Offering unlimited data and top-notch bypassing techniques, it is the best free Netflix VPN that actually really works! 

However, there’s a hitch. After we tested ProtonVPN’s US server at 100 Mbps, it gave a download and upload speed of 29 Mbps and 31 Mbps, respectively. We experienced a drop of 70% in its connection speed. But, if your internet connection is fast, you need not worry about that too! 

ProtonVPN works great with your mobile and desktop with its easy-to-use app. Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Routers, Android TV, and Chromebook. It offers its US, Netherlands, and Japan servers to its free users.

But, after we tested the Japan server, we bumped into geo-restrictions every time. Where you can access HBO Max, Peacock TV, Netflix, Disney+, and more, it is a sad setback that it allows you to do that on just one device at a time. 

3. Zenmate: Free VPN for Netflix without Data Caps

Total Servers: 4,100 | Countries: 80 |  US Servers: N/A | Trustpilot Rating: 4.6 | Simultaneous Connections: unlimited

Zenmate was created in 2013 in Berlin, Germany. With more than 4,100 servers spread in around 80 countries, Zenmate is one of the few free VPNs that doesn’t limit its users in terms of the data they use. Without a shadow of a doubt, you can trust Zenmate to operate perfectly with Netflix from anywhere in the world. 

We wouldn’t call Zenmate the fastest VPN, but slowly or gradually, we promise you will surely get to the end of your streaming content. After testing, we discovered that its upload and download speed is 18 Mbps and 22 Mbps, in the same order. Also, we experienced a speed drop of 77% from the 100 Mbps base connection. 

Zenmate only offers browser extensions for Opera. Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Perhaps, its biggest setback is that it can not be used on mobile, desktop, or other apps.  Another reason you might want to hold off on Zenmate is that you can only access Germany and sometimes the US library, whilst other regions like the UK, Brazil, Japan, Canada, or France are inaccessible.

4. TunnelBear: Free VPN for Netflix with a 500 MB Data Cap

Total Servers: 2600+ servers | Countries: 49 |  US Servers: N/A | Trustpilot Rating: 2.9 | Simultaneous Connections: 5

A public VPN based in Toronto, Canada, TunnelBear was established in 2011. It has more than 2600 servers in about 49 countries worldwide successfully unblocking Netflix’s US, UK, Germany, France, and Canada libraries. It is one of the few free VPNs that still work with Netflix.

TunnelBear offers its users fair speeds and minimal lag. When we tested its US server, the results came out impressive, with 45Mbps download speeds and 51Mbps upload speeds. Using a connection of 100 Mbps, we experienced a slight drop in the speed-seeing that it is a free VPN, after all. 

TunnelBear has browser extensions from Chrome and Firefox as well as apps for some devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Browser. You can easily break through five major libraries of Netflix, like the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany libraries. The good news is you can stream Netflix on five different devices, that too without paying a dime! 

5. Windscribe: Free VPN for Netflix with a 10GB Data Cap

Total Servers:110 | Countries: 68 |  US Servers: N/A | Trustpilot Rating: 4.8 | Simultaneous Connections: unlimited

Established in Ontario, Canada, Windscribe was founded in 2016. Having over 110 servers in 68 countries, it unlocks 6 of the biggest Netflix libraries.

Moreover, it even offers reliable speeds and standard quality, a rare feature to be found in a free VPN. And while 10 GB per month isn’t much- we say, something is better than nothing! 

We tested Windscribe’s US server, too, of course. We got 48 Mbps download speed, and 42 Mbps upload speed, with the base connection speed being 100 Mbps- accounting for 52% speed loss. 

Windscribe has apps for many devices, including Windows, Android, iOS, Browser, Mac, Router, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, and KODI. It offers an extensive array of 10 total servers in its free plan- with some regions including the US, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, and Romania. 

Quick Comparison Table: Best Free VPNs for Netflix

Here’s a more convenient way to understand what the five top VPNs have in store that makes them distinct. So, pick your favorite based on data caps, speed, servers, accessibility to libraries, and type of free service. 

Data LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited500 MB/ month10 GB/ month
No. of Servers3000+ in 94 countries3 servers4 servers2600 servers in 49 countries10 servers
Speed out of 100 Mbps89 Mbps29 Mbps22 Mbps45 Mbps48 Mbps
Netflix   Libraries20+1156
Netflix US Available YesYesYesYesYes
Free Service Available 30-day full refund100% free100% free100% free100% free

Tips on How to Choose the Best Free VPN for Netflix

When we were testing and trying all the free VPNs, these were some of the hallmarks we used to contrast the good ones from the bad. After each one came our prevalent, only then did we decide to vouch for it. 

Here is how you, too, can determine which VPN is good for you. 

  1. It is actually free: A VPN that’s free won’t ask you for a subscription. And if it does, make sure to check if it offers money-back guaranteed- and if it even follows through with the promise. Lucky for you, we have already done that for you. 
  2. It is safe: Before we made them to the list, we made sure to keep a check on the security measures it takes. And yes, all the said VPNs we listed hold military-grade encryption, strict log-less, and many safe tunneling protocols. 
  3. Can access the US library: the most extensive library out there, US Netflix is a must to have within your reach. So, we only added the free Netflix VPN with high-speed, consistent US servers.
  4. Compatible with different devices:: If you want to stream Netflix on different devices, ensure that you have the best free VPN for Netflix that offers such a feature. Or, choose one that has a Smart DNS or router support.
  5. High speed & sufficient data: VPNs indeed slow down your internet speeds. You wouldn’t like streaming on something that buffers more than it plays, right? However, as per the multiple speed tests we conducted, these five listed VPNs offer zero lagging and a pretty good data package. 
  6. Competent Customer Support: Making sure you’re never alone, these VPNs offer live, active customer support that gives you the solution to your problem right away. Trust us; you would need that.

Free VPN for Netflix: FAQs

When it comes to finding free VPNs for Netflix, users often face difficulties. Here are a few confusions you can get the answers to right here!

ExpressVPN is the perfect Netflix VPN that comes with a free 30-day money-back guarantee. After testing Express VPN, we found out about its peerless features and speed. You can use it for free for 30 days and ask for a refund whenever you feel like it within that time frame. 

Yes. There are many, but not every free VPN works with Netflix. ProtonVPN, TunnelBear, Windscribe, and Zenmate might be your only chance at free but limited Netflix streaming.

Kenya. There, you can watch Netflix for free by subscribing to a free plan. In fact, living in the US you can use T-Mobile’s “Netflix on Us” plan and enjoy Netflix on the loose. 

Here’s how you can land yourself some free Netflix bingeing. 

  1. Download and install a free VPN.
  2. Add and confirm your email address.
  3. Connect to a server.
  4. Launch Netflix.
  5. Congratulations, you can now stream freely!

Final Words

So, what is the best free VPN for Netflix, in your opinion? Give us feedback; we’ll be happy to hear from you. In the end, we would just like to state how paid VPNs are much more reliable than free ones. We care for you and your data, so we recommend you put safety before anything else. You know what they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!