How to Get American Netflix in Italy

How to Get American Netflix in Italy

Would you like to know how to get American Netflix in Italy? Well, today seems to be your lucky day because we are just about to tell you that!

We know you’re sick of seeing “Not Available” lighting up your screen when all you want to do is watch an episode of your favorite American TV show. But not to worry anymore, because now you can get your hands on the best US content on Netflix via an easy workaround. 

We’re talking big, which means more movies and better choices via a more straightforward approach, making it simpler for you to stream American Netflix in Italy. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Watch American Netflix in Italy [Quick Steps]

You can change your location to outwit Netflix monitoring systems by spoofing your IP location. All you have to do is adhere to the five simple steps mentioned below, and you can binge on American Netflix sitting in Italy starting right now. 

  1. Sign up for a VPN that works with Netflix. 
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Sign in to the VPN app with your credentials
  4. Connect to a server. We advise you to opt for a US server. 
  5. Open Netflix and enjoy the extensive American library! 
Watch Netflix with ExpressVPN$6.67/mo for 1-Year + 3-Months Free

Why Do You need a VPN to Watch American Netflix in Italy?

The Netflix library you have available depends on the region you’re currently in. This means that if you’re in Italy, you’ll have Italia Netflix available only. Inversely, this also means that you’ll only be able to watch American Netflix if you’re physically present in the USA. 

And this is why you need a VPN. 

Once you download a reliable VPN that works with Netflix, you’ll be able to spoof your location by changing your IP address. This happens when you connect to a server in the USA and open Netflix. The monitoring systems detect your location to be in the USA and, thus, let you in. 

However, Netflix is always suspicious and on the hunt to catch VPN users. That is to say, only a reliable VPN can mask your location without leaving loopholes that might cause such misfortune. 

And so, we recommend only those that won’t betray you like that. Scroll down to follow up with us! 

The Best VPNs to Access US Netflix in Italy

We tested over fifty VPN services to come up with a list of three that would be, without a shadow of a doubt, your best shot at watching US Netflix from Italy. 

Below, we have rated each VPN in accordance with their price, server count, technology, and other features for your utmost convenience. Come take a look! 

1. ExpressVPN: The Best VPN for Netflix in Italy

Total Servers: 3,000+ | Countries: 94+ | American Servers: 23+ in 14+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.7 | Simultaneous Connections: 5

ExpressVPN was founded in 2011 in the British Virgin Islands. With its extensive server count, a massive number of 3,000+ servers in 94+ countries, it is your best bet to easily unblock Netflix geo-restrictions. In fact, it has 23+ servers in 14 American Cities, pertaining to the fact that you will have seamless, fast streaming. 

The truth is that ExpressVPN is unaffected by Netflix’s VPN banning efforts and has remained resilient despite the growing technology preventing it from sprouting. Committed to users, it renders its best services to always keep them afloat over every obstacle. 

We tested this VPN and got a download speed of 89.97Mbps and an upload speed of 86.51Mbps upon a 100Mbps connection. This proves that ExpressVPN has a sharp command over conquering anything that comes in between you and non-stop, high-speed streaming. 

ExpressVPN USA Netflix Italy Testing

ExpressVPN also has apps for Android, Mac, PC, smart TVs, routers, and more. A MediaStreamer DNS could also work with a device that doesn’t have a built-in VPN, thus allowing you to stream prohibited content in your area. 

Streaming services other than Netflix can also be unblocked by ExpressVPN on Netflix. This includes Disney Plus, HBO Max, Prime Video, and more. In fact, you can be streaming on one platform on one device and be using four other devices simultaneously to stream on other platforms—accounting for five simultaneous Express VPN connections

ExpressVPN American Netflix Testing in Italy

You can’t depend on every server. This is why we contacted the VPN provider’s support team and tested internally a few too many times to deduce the one you can blindly put your faith in for watching American Netflix in Italy

  • USA – New Jersey-3
  • USA – Washington DC
  • USA – New York
  1. 5 Simultaneous Connections
  2. Verified "No-Logs" Policy
  3. 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  4. Headquartered in BVI
  5. 3,000+ Servers in 90+ Countries
  6. Split Tunneling/Network Kill Switch
  1. No Free Trial Available

2. Surfshark: Affordable VPN for Netflix in Italy

Total Servers: 3,200+ | Countries: 90+ | American Servers: 500+ in 20+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.3 | Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited

2018 witnessed the release of Surfshark in the secret regions of the British Virgin Islands. It has over and beyond 3,200 servers located in 65+ countries. What’s even better is that it comes equipped with over 500 servers in 20+ American cities. This makes Surfshark one of the best unblockers to bypass Netflix’s geo-constraints.  

As per the tests we conducted, Surfshark brought about matchless results while also being the VPN to be quite light on the budget. It successfully circumvented US Netflix via 4 different servers with a peerless 85.22 Mbps downloading speed and 83.71 Mbps uploading speed when tested over a 100Mbps connection. 

Surfshark USA Netflix Italy Testing

Offering round-the-clock live chat support and unlimited simultaneous connections, Surfshark does not rank much below ExpressVPN to unblock the largest Netflix libraries in the world, from anywhere, anytime. But, in reality, its price makes up for anything it lacks- which is not much! 

As you sign up, you’ll get a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as a 7-day free trial. These benefits, however, are only available to Android and iOS users.

Surfshark American Netflix Testing in Italy

Watch American Netflix in Italy with the best working Surfshark servers that we searched for after internal examination of ourselves and deep talks with their customer care. 

  • United States – Los Angeles
  • United States – Miami
  • United States – Boston
  • United States – Detroit
  1. Unlimited Simultaneous Logins
  2. No-Logs Policy Audited by Cure53
  3. 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee
  4. 7-Day Free Trial on iOS/Android
  5. 3,200+ Servers in 60+ Countries
  6. Headquartered in BVI
  1. No Split Tunneling on iOS

3. NordVPN: Fastest VPN for Netflix in Italy

Total Servers: 5,400+ | Countries: 60+ | American Servers: 1,970+ in 15+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.5 | Simultaneous Connections: 6

NordVPN is established in a safe jurisdiction, Panama. Found in 2012, its recent server count consists of 5,200+ servers located in 60+ countries worldwide. With NordVPN, you’re also in luck because it has 1,970+ servers in about 15+ American cities. This makes it one of the best choices for accessing Netflix.

As Netflix by each year sharpens its eye for VPN lookout, NordVPN’s developers, behind the scenes, work even harder to stay even more obscured- and so, winning every time. 

Suffice to say, after we tested on multiple servers, our verdict announces NordVPN to be the go-to VPN for top-notch streaming, regardless of your actual location. 

On a 100Mbps connection on many servers, we received astonishing results, i.e., 89.97Mbps download speed and 86.51Mbps upload speed. Moreover, free of WebRTC/DNS/IP address leaks, NordVPN’s connection timings to Netflix remain unparalleled.

NordVPN USA Netflix Italy Testing

Other services like Apple TV+, Eurosport, Discovery Plus, Peacock TV, Voot, and many more can also be streamed via NordVPN. And if that’s not enough, you can do that simultaneously on six other devices.

NordVPN also includes a 7-day free trial for its Android and iOS users along with a 30-day money-back guarantee and all-time live chat support. This way, you’ll never run into trouble, especially not on NordVPN’s excellent customer support’s watch!  

NordVPN American Netflix Testing in Italy

Subsequent to many debates with NordVPN’s customer support and testings we conducted ourselves, we cherry-picked the ripest servers that would boost your Netflix streaming experience like no other.

  • #5391
  • #5521
  • #8082
  • #5387
  • #5404
  1. 6 Simultaneous Connections
  2. Audited by PwC Switzerland
  3. 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  4. Headquartered in Panama
  5. 5,000+ Servers in 60+ Countries
  6. Split Tunneling/Network Kill Switch
  1. Downtime issues on some servers

Can a free VPN help with Watching American Netflix in Italy?

The real question is, why would anyone offer a service free of charge, free of an ulterior motive? Well, inside news says that these same VPNs sell your information behind your back under the disguise of offering a free VPN. Ironically, if you think that isn’t a problem for you, there’s another underlying issue that might change your mind. 

Most free VPNs don’t even work with Netflix. But, perchance they do, there’s little chance they would bypass the geo-restriction of Italy since their server list is limited and not strong enough to unblock Netflix’s powerful monitoring system that patrols the access of geo-restricted users. 

Netflix U.S VS Netflix Italy

It is no secret that the US library is the best. But how far down is Netflix Italy in comparison? In numbers, the US library has 1971 tv shows and 3761 movies, whereas Netflix Italy has a number of 1443 tv shows and 3162 movies. 

Doesn’t that make the US library, once again, superior? Unfortunately, because it’s true, you won’t see a large variety of TV shows and movies that you can in the US library.

Netflix Italia Price Comparison

Given the chance, would you go for silver or gold? And what if the price of both is only a dollar and 25 cents up or down? Well, put in place US and Italia libraries, we would at all costs choose the US library. Below attached is the US Netflix price chart and Netflix Italy price chart. 

Netflix US Price Chart

The price range of Italy Netflix range from EUR7. 99 to EUR15. 99/month. 

Netflix Italy Price Chart

US Netlfix pricing ranges from $9.42 to $ 18.75, which is pretty much the same. However, the only difference would be that the US library is much more enjoyable and extensive than the Italian. You know our choice, tell us, which would be yours? 

How to Get American Netflix in Italy: FAQs

Running into confusion? That’s alright; it seems there are a lot many like you. See the answers to what they frequently ask down below: 

You can watch US Netflix in Italy by simply downloading a VPN, connecting to a US server, and logging in to your Netflix account. And thus, you can enjoy binge-watching the US library instantly!

You can get it by using a robust VPN that works with Netflix. We advise you use either ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or Surfshark. 

Yes, you can currently watch all four seasons of the TV show “All American” on Netflix. Just click here and we’ll direct you to the show straight away! 

You can easily access American Netflix Italy using a reliable and secure VPN. We vouch for ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN. 

Final Remarks

We hope this guide helped you get US Netflix in Italy

Let us know in the comments below which of the above VPN you chose and whether it’s working for you. Also, don’t forget to tell us anything on your mind; we would love to hear from you. And as always, thanks for reading till the end!