20 Netflix Hacks, Tricks, and Tips You Should Know About

20 Netflix Hacks, Tricks, and Tips You Should Know About

Netflix’s vast library and extensive selection of movies and TV shows provide subscribers with virtually limitless entertainment options. But the real question is whether or not you are making the most of your membership. 

We are going to assume that you are not familiar with the tools and guidelines that we are about to share with you and that can assist you in becoming an expert when it comes to searching, binge-watching, and performing other activities on Netflix. 

So, whether you’re looking for premium content, the secret to forging out specialized subcategories, or exercising peak binge-watching performance on the platform, we have just the right Netflix hacks to appease you.

The 20 Best Netflix Hacks

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the crux of the discussion and let you in the 20 hacks that can change your Netflix perspective for life.

1. Bypass Geo-Restricted Content via VPN

You can access the libraries of every region once you download a VPN and connect to the server of the country you want to see the library of. 

For instance, you can be sitting in India but be browsing through the UK catalog with just a click of a change. Oh, and perchance you’re traveling somewhere where Netflix is blocked and you’re just an episode away from completing “Stranger Things”-a VPN makes life worth living again. 

But not every VPN works with Netflix. So, keep in mind to choose only the best. If you face confusion amid the plethora of choices, here’s a guide that can help you abate them and pick a Netflix VPN that actually works. 

For a quick breakdown on the steps involved for using Netflix with a VPN, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Subscribe to a VPN. (We recommend ExpressVPN for its excellent performance).
  2. Connect to a VPN server (based on the library you want to unlock).
  3. For instance, to access the UK Netflix library, connect to a UK server. 
  4. Launch the Netflix app or visit the website.
  5. Enjoy streaming your favorite Netflix content!
Unlock Netflix Libraries with ExpressVPN$6.67/mo for 1-Year + 3-Months Free

2. Unclose the Netflix Secret Hacks 

Netflix library is a blissful resort for every movie/show fanatic with a large and extensive array of choices to explore. But, more often than not even the most tech-savvy and Netflix-accustomed users fall short of unlocking Netflix’s hidden menus and categories. 

With a bit of intel, you can have, at your disposal, a whole list of millions and thousands of movies as well as tv shows that fall in the subcategory of the genre of your choice. 

How can do that, you ask? It’s simple! At the end of the Netflix URL, i.e. https://netflix.com/browse/genre/xx, type in your genre and the code that is allotted to it. You can check out this Netflix Secret Codes guide for more information!

3. Watch Your Favorite Content in HD Quality 

When you’re watching something you like, make sure you leave no room for improvements, this includes your video quality- especially, your video quality. 

If you’ve subscribed to the Premium Netflix subscription, you’ll get Ultra HD quality along with HD quality. What if you watch the entire movie and realize later that you could’ve had a better quality experience? We don’t want you to go through that kind of pain. 

To make sure that you never do, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Account” 
  2. Select your profile 
  3. Go to “Playback Settings” 
  4. Adjust to either “HD” or “Ultra HD” 
  5. Enjoy good-quality Netflix instantly. 

4. Search Wisely

Have you wanted to watch a movie so bad but couldn’t remember its name for the life of you? Been there, done that, never doing it again because we have found a way to get around it. 

Simply go for keywords, we advise. And if not that, search for the actor’s name, the movie’s genre, or the first thing that comes up to your mind- even if it’s “Academy Award-Winning”. 

5. Hide Your History

Got something to hide? It’s okay, we all do. We can help you remove what you wouldn’t want others to know you’re watching. Here’s how you can delete your viewing history.

  1. Navigate to your account 
  2. Select your profile 
  3. Tap on “Viewing Activity: 
  4. Click on the “hide” icon beside the activity you want to hide. 
  5. Voila, you’re safe from prying eyes! 

6. Remove Freeloaders From Your Account

Everyone makes mistakes. So did you back in the day, doesn’t mean you have to pay for its consequences today.

No more footing the bill of people you don’t even like anymore when you can boot them off your Netflix account once and for all. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Navigate to your Account
  2. Tap on “Sign Out Of All Devices” 
  3. Change your Netflix password
  4. Have a good night’s sleep knowing you’re no longer being used for your Netflix! 

7. Manage Your Data Usage

It is true that streaming Netflix on your phone can be quite damaging to your mobile data. The hack is to turn on “WLAN” so Netflix doesn’t take up all your mobile balance and works only with WiFi. Here’s how you can do that. 

  1. Open your phone’s cellular settings
  2. Choose “Apps” 
  3. Select Netflix 
  4. Toggle on “WLAN” 
  5. In case you would like to watch Netflix on mobile data, toggle “WLAN & Cellular Data” on. 
  6. Stream on without worrying about your mobile data running out! 

8. Watch From a Distance 

Who said you can’t watch Netflix with a friend who isn’t physically next to you? Well, it’s possible now to watch Netflix with a friend that is far, far away from you using Teleparty

Just add its extension to your browser and ask anyone to be your movie partner, regardless of their somatic presence- the only pre-requisite for that is that they should have their own Netflix account too. 

What’s more, it even includes a chat feature so you don’t have to listen to the unneeded discussions of your friends around you (no offense, though).  

9. Utilize the Streaming Guides

Want to know what’s trending and what’s not, what’s coming and what’s leaving? Because you can never keep pace with the ever-changing Netflix content list, you need to follow someone who knows the score, always. 

Be guided by streaming guides like Reel Good and Instant Watcher to be in the loop of Netflix events. Get to know regions and their content accessibility, as well as the languages the media is available in. 

netflix hack

Take the smart road to the premium Netflix pond through these little but significant hacks. 

10. Learn Your Keyboard Shortcuts

A mouse is all but a clever thing. Did you know you could do the work of a few too many clicks in just one or two keystrokes? Well, we learned it the hard way so you don’t have to hunt down icons every time you need to control the tv show volume.

Here are a few examples of the shortcut we forged out for you. 

  • Press “F’ to enable full-screen. 
  • Hit the Space bar to pause and play. 
  • Tap “PgUp” and “PgDn” to increase or decrease volume, respectively. 

11. Let Netflix Choose For You

Out of options to watch something on a Saturday night? Let Netflix decide for you by tapping on “play something” at the screen’s left corner- or the phone’s footer if you’re an Android user. The iOS users might have to be patient for this feature to get to them as it is unavailable for them as of right now. 

12. Choose How the Interface Looks

Now you decide how your Netflix should look. If you’re going for an organized interface with explicit subcategories choose the icon with three lines on the top right corner as you select either TV shows or movies. 

However, if you select the four boxes beside the three lines options, you’ll see an uncategorized plethora of haphazard media. So, which would you choose in what mood, it all depends on you! 

13. Download and Binge Offline

Don’t want to miss out on the latest episode of the Resident Evil but have to catch that flight? Worry no more because Netflix has introduced its latest offline playback feature that lets you download your favorite content so that you can watch it whenever you can make time for it.

And what can be better than passing a few too many uncomfortable hours with your most-loved Netflix show offline? 

Here’s what you need to do to enjoy this feature on your device”

  • Download the Netflix app. 
  • Hit the download icon on the title’s description page. 
  • Bear in mind, not all movies or tv shows are downloadable. 
  • Enjoy long hours of straight entertainment through offline Netflix binging. 

14. Control Subtitle Settings

You can hide or show subtitles by clicking on the speech bubble present on the bottom-right side of your screen. So congratulations, from now on you don’t have to miss out on any foreign content that you like! 

15. Modify Dubbing & Audio Settings 

Not only can you choose to turn off or on your subtitles, but also decide the audio language for yourself. This one’s for those who find subtitles annoying but are a sucker for films from the foreign lands- just change the audio language and you’re good to go! 

16. Create Your Profile’s PIN Code 

Deleting your history isn’t always the right thing to do. To ensure maximum privacy protection, this is the only way to go. Make sure no one can access your profile by creating a pin code fro yourself.  Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Navigate to “Account”
  2. Click on your profile. 
  3. Scroll down to the Profile & Parental Controls section and tap on “Profile lock” 
  4. Enter your account password. 
  5. Check the box that appears on your screen
  6. Enter a pin code 
  7. Hit the Save button. 
  8. Congratulations, you have successfully created a pin code for yourself! 

17. Using Chrome extensions to Add IMDb ratings

Cancel the extra step to check if the media you’re starting to stream is actually worth it. Now, you can just add a chrome extension and see the rating as you hover over the title you seem to be interested in. 

This way, your viewing choice will be made easier and you’ll spend more time watching quality content rather than just searching for it! Before you go any further though, we advise you to choose a reliable Chrome extension as an outdated one won’t do you any good. 

18. Let Netflix Surprise You 

Are you as indecisive and picky as we are? We know the drill. You go to Netflix, scroll, scroll, and scroll but to no avail. So, you resort back to playing Candy Crush until you fall asleep. 

But there’s another thing you can do to break the cycle of yearning and misery. You can put your Netflix on shuffle or click on “Surprise Me” to have Netflix pick for you. And fret not, Netflix has algorithms that will have you watching what you’ve been dying to watch without you having to work for it! 

19. Other Ways to End Buffering

If you’re watching on the computer all you have to do is play the content you want to watch and hold the Ctrl+Shift+Opt/Alt+S keys. A “hidden” menu will appear that can fix the lags. 

If you’re streaming on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 use the directional pad to access the same hidden menu. Here is the route you need to follow. Double tap up, up, then double tap down, click left, right, left, and the right again, press up three times and voila! 

If you’re bingeing Netflix from Apple TV or another streaming device, navigate to your account page and into the “Playback Settings” section. Now, you could either dip it to low or Auto, depending upon the internet speed you want. 

Oh, and if you don’t care much about letting people know what you’re watching, you can optimize your internet. This will make sure your internet is fast and furious as you stream any Netflix show or movie. 

20. Stream at Off-Peak Hours

An underlying information that’s not famously disclosed is that even Netflix’s connection speed is impacted with the amount of viewers stream it simultaneously. 

This might be the sign you’ve been needing to quit your job because according to a Digital Trends report it’s times like early in the morning and midnight that most people watch Netflix. The study also talked about how the speed and quality is affected. We’ve told you enough, now you know what do! 

Netflix Hacks: FAQs

Are the hacks and tips going over your head? Let us make it even simpler! Here are some of the frequently asked questions we’ve answered that might help you. 

To explore all the ways you can improve and accelerate your Netflix experience, read: Netflix Secret Codes: Explore All Hidden Content.

You use Netflix for free by:

  • Sharing accounts with your friends/family
  • Availing promotions that offer free Netflix account
  • Making use of discounted gift cards 
  • Subscribing Netflix in regions like Kenya, Turkey, or Argentina via a VPN.
  • Signing up for a T-mobile One and choosing “Netflix On Us

Indeed, you can. Just try Netflix’s secret codes, or use a VPN to unlock another country’s Netflix library. You can also create different profiles that other people can use through your account or you can use through other people’s accounts. 


Gone over the hacks Netflix has available in its legacy to make it shine even brighter? We hope you use a few to your advantage and see what you’ve been missing out on. 

Do give us feedback to let us know if we assisted you well. As always, the Streamints team thanks you for reading and being on top of things with us! Catch you in the next piece!